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Ollie Simon Photography


I offer a full range of photographic services here. In short I offer all photographic services that you can think of. I take photos of you or for you. I edit them and then I create albums/posters/canvases for you if you require.

I am fully set up with a home studio and a mobile studio so I am can shoot at my home or your home/office/school etc. I am also enthusiastic about taking natural photos out in the countryside and or parks.

I also have a photo both for parties etc


All jobs are different and so it is unfair to quote just one price. There are lots of different factors that affect the price from length of time to shoot and to touch up also to the quality of the albums created.

The best thing is to email me about the specific requirements that you have and I will customise a quote for you.

I cover everything from 

Weddings, Religious ceremonies, Parties, Professional head shots, Event launches, Engagement photos, Sports Events, Portraits, Family photos, Locations, Landscapes, Photos for your website, Pets, Buildings, Dating profile photos, Brochures and anything else you can think of.